Laken (Immortally Yours Book 1)

Soul Surrendered (Entwined Souls Book 1)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Soul Surrendered is ON SALE!!!

And what girl doesn't love a sale! Soul Surrendered is on sale until book 2 is released. And since I don't have an official release date yet...well, it's totally your gain at this point. Because Barnes and Noble seem to take much longer to catch up to the sales prices, please email me if you're using any site other than Amazon and I'll send you a coupon code so you can take advantage of the lowered price. My email is rosemaryclyde.author@yahoo.com.

Sigh! I'm so in love with Ciro. And I gotta be honest...I have a mad crush on Zephyn, too!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Book 2 is under way!

To those of you whom have messaged me about books 2 of both Immortally Yours and Entwined Souls, have no fear, the books are in the works! I'd hoped to have at least one released by September, but that just wasn't in the cards. However, I SHOULD have something for you before the holidays (not counting Halloween, of course).

For those of you wondering who the books are about...you'll just have to wait. I know I said book 2 of Immortally Yours would be about Marcus, but well...he changed his mind on me. In the meantime, keep your ears and eyes open. You just never know when I might share a snippet of the upcoming books.